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Space Archaeologist Funds Citizen Science Platform With $1M TED Prize

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Kristina Killgrove , CONTRIBUTOR
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Archaeologist Sarah Parcak launches GlobalXplorer today. (Image courtesy: TED)
Archaeologist Sarah Parcak launches GlobalXplorer today. (Image courtesy: TED)

A year ago, University of Alabama professor Sarah Parcak won a $1 million TED Prize for her work in “space archaeology” — using satellite imagery beamed down from space to search for archaeological sites lost through time. Today, Parcak launches GlobalXplorer, a citizen science platform that encourages people around the world to identify and preserve our collective heritage.

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7 Things We Get Wrong About French Women — & 1 Thing We Get Right

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If you’re completely sick of the so-called French girl craze, you aren’t the only one. Actual French women are sick of it, too. The stereotypical Parisian, with her waif-like figure, perfectly mussed hair, and baguette strategically tucked under her arm, is not representative of the women who inhabit Paris.

They’re actually more like Fany Péchiodat, founder of My Little Paris, the guide local women eagerly refer to almost daily to see what’s cool to do in Paris.