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Trending: New Tools, Rules, Partnerships Take Food Waste, Hunger Head On

Melody Serafino Impact, Sustainable

ReFED, a multi-stakeholder nonprofit committed to reducing food waste in the US, has launched the Retail Food Waste Action Guide, a new tool to support grocery retailers in developing and implementing food waste reduction strategies. The guide, which was developed in partnership with Deloitte Consulting and the Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA), finds that food waste represents an $18.2 billion opportunity for grocery retailers.

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Why is a Brash Mezcal Brand Taking a Shot at Politics?

Melody Serafino Impact, Sustainable

When Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live in 2015, shortly after labeling Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals” on the campaign trail, some pissed-off dissidents projected his silhouette on 30 Rock alongside the words “Donald, Eres Un Pendejo.” Which loosely translates to, “Donald, you’re a butthole.”

Ilegal Mezcal, the hip liquor brand run out of an abandoned theater on Manhattan’s Perry Street, claimed responsibility for the act.

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Waste Not! How to Stop Throwing Away Good Food and Save Money

Melody Serafino Impact, Sustainable

In the U.S., up to 40 percent of all food that’s grown and sold goes uneaten each year, at an annual cost of $218 billion to consumers. Individual households are responsible for a whopping 43 percent of this waste — more than restaurants, grocery stores or any other single part of the domestic supply chain.

It’s a problem that Save The Food says costs the average family of four at least $1,500 per year.