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Top Chefs Urge Congress to Take Action on Food Waste

Melody Serafino Impact, Sustainable

On May 25, the national food policy organization Food Policy Action Education Fund (FPA-EF) and its co-founder, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, walked the halls of Congress with our nation’s top chefs and food waste advocates for a day of action on Capitol Hill. Their goal? Educate lawmakers about food waste reduction in the American food system.

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A New Roadmap for Fighting Food Waste

Melody Serafino Impact, Sustainable

Since the United States has now joined other nations in acknowledging that food waste is a big problem, one question has lingered: how do we tackle it? A new group just might have the answers.

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This Is the Fair Trade Footwear You’ve Been Waiting For

Erin Allweiss Design, Fashion, Impact, Sustainable

In a sustainable future, light from the sun powers all things, used water is filtered, then returned to our aquifers, food production is localized, toxic chemicals are eliminated, everything is recycled, traded fairly, and fully used. It’s a dream for some, and a project for others, but for now, truly fair trade products are hard to find.