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The New Smart Robot on the Market

Melody Serafino Design, Tech

Keecker is the newest smart robot on the market. It doesn’t only want to be your smart speaker, it also wants to be your movie player, video camera, personal assistant, and more.

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Nuraphones’ Custom Profiles Bring Out New Detail in Familiar Songs

Melody Serafino Design, Tech, World

The Nuraphones have some pretty lofty aspirations and an equally high $399 price tag. They’re also far from the first pair of headphones to promise a custom sound profile — that seems to be all the rage in the industry these days. But even taking all of that into account, Nura’s first product hits the mark. Hardware is, as they say, hard — but while the startup seems built around one (admittedly cool) feature, it’s clear the company has put a lot of time, care and money into product execution.

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