No. 29 is a NYC-based boutique media relations firm founded by Erin Allweiss and Melody Serafino. We get fired up about companies,
people, organizations and campaigns that challenge the status quo and create true impact. We’ve overseen a range of projects that
include launching companies, conceptualizing brands and overseeing major design initiatives. With a focus on social impact,
innovation and entertainment, No. 29 works with artists and business innovators who share a common thread: they are advancing
thoughtful discourse and spurring impact in their practice areas. From photographers and sculptors shifting the way people see the
world, to platforms and conferences that are changing the way people experience stories, to an investment fund protecting our
oceans and a real estate developer with an unwavering dedication to sustainability, impact can take many shapes. These are the
stories No. 29 hones and shares – across multiple platforms – on behalf of its clients.


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8 Really Cute Pairs of Sneakers to Buy Once You’re Over Stan Smiths

May 22, 2017This isn’t to say you have to give up on that clean white tennis shoe look; there are plenty of underplayed brands like Veja and Common Projects turning out minimal kicks in whites and neutrals, and even some bolder options like monochromatic pinks and greens.
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Dr. Harvey Karp on Why He Believes PPD is More Common Than Ever Before

May 22, 2017When I was a new mom to a very fussy, colicky baby, I did what most new moms do nowadays: I turned to the Internet for advice. Soon enough, I found the work of Dr. Harvey Karp, whose baby soothing techniques outlined in his bestselling book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, have been lifesavers for exhausted, desperate parents for years.
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Is the Baby Box Safe?

May 22, 2017Dr. Harvey Karp, the pediatrician behind the hugely popular book and video The Happiest Baby on the Block, warns about placing too many expectations on a simple cardboard box.
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Out Magazine

Betty Who Raises $5,000 for Planned Parenthood

May 22, 2017Before pop singer Betty Who kicked off her acoustic set on Thursday night in the former Perry Street Theater space in Manhattan’s West Village, she had two messages to share with the crowd. The first was written across her chest, on a T-shirt that read, “Donald Eres Un Pendejo.” The tee came courtesy of Ilegal Mezcal, the booze brand that invited Betty to perform to help raise funds for the embattled Planned Parenthood, of which Betty is an ardent and vocal supporter.

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